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Sliccems - Car Wash

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“Sliccems” is a concentrated, high-foaming soap with powerful cleaning agents that easily lifts dirt off the surface and provides amazing slickness to prevent swirls and micro-marring. Sliccems- has a pleasant smell and is pH balanced; it will not harm any previously applied waxes, sealants, or ceramic coatings.

contains no waxes or polishes, making it the perfect prep and maintenance soap for ceramic coated vehicles.


  • Effectively removes dirt and road grime while leaving your wax, sealant, or ceramic coating unharmed. breaks down and lifts dirt off of the surface with ease.
  • Swirl-preventing slickness. has enough lubrication to help prevent swirls and micro-marring. Perfect for ceramic coated vehicles!

For Best Results:

  • Use 1-2oz of Sliccems per gallon of water in your wash bucket (4-8oz total). A Grit Guard is also recommended to reduce the risk of marring the paint. (Included in our bucket kit!)