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(WOT) Starter Kit

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We Started (WOTS) to get people into the hobby of detailing and or for the common person to have a full kit that includes all the essential products to clean your vehicle and do it in style with beautiful colors and even more beautiful results. Be proud to keep our products with you heading to a cruise in, Car meet and or Car Show! With the kit we include all 6 chemicals we sell and a 5 Gallon bucket, with a grit guard and Wash mitt! 

Included - 

Sliccems - Car Wash

Tru Vision - Glass Cleaner

Sauce -Spray Detailer

Wett Shine - Tire Shine

Tru Clean - Interior Cleaner

Goblin - Wheel Cleaner

5 Gal Bucket - WOT labeled

Soft Hand Wash Mitt

Grit Guard